View and Assign your Content

The MY CONTENT button next to the search function takes you to the My Content page where the Catalog Items that you’ve enrolled into are displayed. This page has two tabs namely, ACTIVE and EXPIRED. These tabs act as filters to separate the expired Catalog Items from the active ones. Click each Catalog Item in the ACTIVE tab to open it and view its details, and also assign it to a user. 

To assign a Catalog Item to users via My Content page:

  1. Click MY CONTENT button to open the My Content page.
  2. Click the Catalog Item that needs to be assigned to users. You can now see the details and the content in that Catalog Item.
  3. Click the ASSIGN USER button.
  4. In the Assign User popup that appears, provide the Email address of the user. Or choose from the dropdown list. The First Name, Last Name, and Functional Area fields get auto-populated. 
  5. Click the ASSIGN button.