User Profile Definition

Direct User

A Direct User can edit their profile details and change the notification settings. They can add Catalog Items to the Cart or Wishlist, and purchase them. They can also enroll for free courses.


An Instructor can view their classes and the assignments in them, and can access the Calendar with the respective session details. He/She can grade Assignments and is also responsible for marking attendance. He/She receives session related notifications such as cancellation and rescheduling, and assignment submission. They can also view consolidated scores. 

Business Admin

The Business Admin enrolls or purchases Catalog Items and assigns them to his/her users. He/She can create or upload bulk users, view reports and validity periods. He/She also receives notifications related to the validity period of expiring Catalog Items.

Business User

A Business User can view the content assigned to them by the Business Admin, and can edit their own profile details under My Accounts and change their notifications settings. They cannot purchase or enroll in a Catalog Item by themselves.

Site Admin

The Site Admin purchases the platform from Origin and is the owner of the site and the content within the site. He/She can create groups of users and must manage the space, enrolments or subscriptions, revenue generated and the validity of the courses. He/She receives notifications related to validity, licenses or session limits, cancellation of subscription by users, and general notifications from Origin.