The DASHBOARD is the landing page of your account. In here, you can get a bird’s eye view about all the information you need to know.

The Updates tile displays the list of submissions done by the Users who attended the events. Click the View Assignment button to directly open the file that the User has submitted. 

The Invites & Reminders tile displays all the invites that you have received for classroom sessions. 

Click the View all button to open the INVITES & REMINDERS page that lists all the session invites. 

  • To accept an invite for a session, click the ACCEPT button. In the pop-up box, click the Terms & Conditions link to read the terms and conditions for the event. Then click OK. On confirmation, you can review the event. 
  • To reject the invite, click the REJECT button. In the pop-up box, provide a reason and confirm your rejection. 
  • To request for rescheduling, click the Request To Reschedule button. In the pop-up box, provide a Reason for Reschedule and your next available time slot and click SUBMIT