Finance Report

A Site Admin can generate and export three types of reports–CONTENT Report, USERS Report, and FINANCE Report. 

To open the Reports page, click the Reports icon on the left panel. There are three tabs for the three report types, CONTENT, USERS, and FINANCE.

In the FINANCE tab, you can generate reports based on the period and status of the transaction.

To generate a FINANCE report:

  1. Open Reports Page.
  2. Click FINANCE tab.
  3. Click the calendar icon in the From and To fields to set the Transaction period.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose the type of transaction for which the report needs to be generated.
  5. Click GENERATE. A preview of the report will be displayed. Click the + button before the Transaction ID to view the Order ID as well.
  6. Click EXPORT REPORT to download the report as an Excel file.