Create Event

An event can be a traditional ILT or virtual ILT (vILT) session.

Before creating a Classroom with an event, make sure that you have set up the VENUE details, INSTRUCTOR details, and VILT configuration in the Classroom Settings page.

To open the Classroom page, click the Classroom icon on the left panel. This page displays all the existing Classrooms and the option to search for and filter classrooms. 

To add an Event in a Classroom:

  1. In the classroom page, click the Add Event icon. Alternatively, you can also click the ADD EVENT button in the details page of the particular Classroom.
  2. In the New Event pop-up that appears, choose whether the event is a Traditional Classroom or a Virtual Classroom.
  3. Based on this selection, the next field changes. For a Traditional Classroom, provide a Venue and a Time Zone whereas for a Virtual Classroom provide a Provider and a Time Zone.
    • The Venue/Provider field is a drop-down menu that lists all the available venues and vILT providers. Refer to the Classroom Settings to add venues and configure vILT providers.


  4. Fill in the details for the Session.
    • The Session details and Duration are carried over from the Classroom details.


  5. Click the plus (+) icon in the Pre-event Activities section to expand the section.
  6. Click the ADD ASSIGNMENT. button to add an assignment. Fill in all the details for the assignment. Similarly, click the ADD SURVEY button to add the details for a survey.
  7. Repeat Step 5 & 6 in the Post-event Activities section to add Post-event Activities.
    • Pre-event and Post-event Activities are optional sections. The activities added in these sections are pertaining to the event, and any user registered to this event must complete these activities.


  8. In the Notifications & Reminders section, provide the details for sending notifications and reminders to the users and instructors regarding the event, submission, and evaluation due dates for the activities.
  9. The Reference Material and Terms & Conditions are also carried over from the Classroom details. 
  10. Click CONTINUE to proceed to the Participants tab.
  11. In the Participants tab, click the plus button to add participants to the events. Note that the fields on the left of the participants page are mandatory.
  12. Click SAVE.
  13. Once the Instructor accepts the event, click the Publish icon next to the Edit and Delete icons of the Event. 
  14. Once the event is published, add the Classroom to an existing or new Catalog Item.