Create Classrooms

Classroom feature in Fractal is the shortcut to providing a live experience of your learning content. Quickly whip up a traditional or virtual classroom session with assignments and assessments to get in touch with your users! 

The Classroom feature works very similar to Learning Objects except that the Classrooms can hold events instead of content materials. An event can be a traditional ILT or virtual ILT (vILT) session. Once a Classroom is created and published, map it to a course, learning path, or a content bundle which in turn, can be mapped to a user or group.   

Before creating a Classroom with an event, make sure that you have set up the VENUE details, INSTRUCTOR details, and VILT configuration in the Classroom Settings page.

To open the Classroom page, click the Classroom icon on the left panel. This page displays all the existing Classrooms and the option to search for and filter classrooms. 

To create a new Classroom:

  1. In the Classroom page, click the ADD CLASSROOM button.
  2. In the New Classroom pop-up that appears, fill in all the mandatory fields in the Info page. Check the points in the Completion Criteria section if required.
    • You can either choose for Single Instructor or Multiple Instructors for a Classroom. For either choice, you can select them from the list of available Instructors. Refer to the Classroom Settings page to create new Instructor profiles. Or simply add the Instructor profile to an existing Direct or Business User.


  3. Click CONTINUE to proceed to the next page i.e Sessions.
  4. In the Sessions page only the Session, Reference Material, and the Terms & Conditions fields are mandatory.
    • The Pre-event and Post-event Activities added in the Sessions page are pertaining to the Classroom. Any user registered for this classroom will be able to complete the activities.


  5. Click SAVE.
  6. Click the ADD EVENT button to proceed to adding an event to the classroom or click BACK TO CLASSROOM LIST to navigate back to the classroom list.