Content Report

A Site Admin can generate and export three types of reports–CONTENT Report, USERS Report, and FINANCE Report. 

To open the Reports page, click the Reports icon on the left panel. There are three tabs for the three report types, CONTENT, USERS, and FINANCE.

In the CONTENT tab, you can 

  • Generate reports based on a Catalog Item
  • Choose whether you want a summary report or a detailed completion status report
  • Choose whether you want to include inactive users and test users 
  • Filter based on Joining/Completion Start and End dates
  • Download reports in Excel files

To generate a CONTENT report:

  1. Open the Reports Page.
  2. Click the CONTENT tab.
  3. From the SELECT CONTENT drop-down menu, choose the type of Catalog Item for which the report needs to be generated.
  4. In the Catalog Item name text field, type the name of the Catalog Item for which the report needs to be generated.
    • The SELECT CONTENT and Catalog Item name fields are mandatory.


  5. Click the calendar icon to choose the dates for Joining Start and Joining End date, and Completion Start and Completion End date.
  6. Select whether you want a Summary Report or a Detailed Completion Status Report.
  7. Choose whether you want to include Inactive users and Test users.
  8. Click GENERATE. A preview of the report will be shown below.
  9. Click EXPORT REPORT to download the report as an Excel file.