Once the event is created and assigned to users, the Event Details page displays the Date, Venue/Platform, Registration status, and the Status of the event. This page has two tabs namely, ACTIVITIES & MATERIALS and ROSTER.

The ACTIVITIES & MATERIALS tab has the following sections,

  • Pre-event Activities
  • Session
  • Post-event Activities
  • References and
  • Terms & Conditions

The Pre-event Activities, Session, and Post-event Activities sections list the respective assignments and their details. 

  • Click the name of the assignment to view all the details regarding the assignment and the list of users who have submitted the assignments.
  • Click a username in the list of Submissions to view the user’s submission and evaluate the answers. 
  • You can change the Status of the submission to either REJECTED or EVALUATED. If you have REJECTED a submission, provide a Reason for Rejection, whereas if you have EVALUATED a submission, provide a Score. Click Done to update the results. 

The Reference section contains the reference materials provided for the event. 

The Terms & Conditions section displays the terms and conditions provided for the Classroom. 

The ROSTER tab lists all the users who have registered for the event. Use this page to mark attendance and view the submissions made by each user and their statuses.